bitmapdreams is a pixel site showcasing my handmade collection of medium-small graphic items in GIF format. I bring you the cute, sweet, and nostalgic from the inspiration I find at my home in Japan.

Material on this site is created for use and collection on phones, blogs, site, etc. Personal use and collection of my work is happily permitted when credited (please link to me!).

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It all began back in primary school at my friend's house, where I became captivated by the graphics for Street Fighter II. When I received a purple Gameboy Color for my 11th birthday, I fell in love with pixel graphics anew. At age 13 I started pixelling on iDraw, and started the website as a way to show my work to friends.

Since 2001--surviving high school, my move to Japan, and all of college--bitmapdreams has grown and grown. All the while my site has come to be viewed by people all around the world (and apparently by people in flight, too!). Thanks for visiting! I hope this site has inspired you to try some pixelling for yourself!