Suggestions vs. Commissions

I take suggestions to create something to add to my collection, and create that request free of charge. Of course, there is no cost for saying, "hey, you should try pixelling this!"

I ask to be paid ("commissioned") when the request is for a custom item for use on a blog/site etc. Most common examples are background tiles, banners, link banners, page decorations, etc.

How to calculate an estimate

Please refer to the following table to get an idea of how much it will cost, and then contact me for a formal estimate :) You can also message me on tumblr

Note: I live in Japan, so I post these rates in JPY. In recent years, 1000 JPY has been roughly equivalent to $10 USD.

Rates subject to change.
Conversion from JPY calculated on the day of order confirmation.
Payment via Paypal only.